1st Floor
Piccadilly Exchange
2 Piccadilly Plaza
Moseley Street
M1 4AH

0300 123 1142

0300 123 1264

Email: SSCSA-Liverpool@

How to find find us at Manchester Piccadilly Exchange

1st Floor, Piccadilly Exchange, 2 Piccadilly Plaza, Moseley Street, Manchester M1 4AH
Tel: 0300 123 1142 Textphone: 0300 123 1264 Email:

Please note from 6th April 2009 all medical appeals will be heard here at Manchester Piccadilly Exchange and all other appeals will be held at the Manchester Civil Justice Centre

Who should I contact about my hearing?
Telephone: 0300 123 1142
Minicom : 0300 123 1264

Directions to the Hearing Centre

By road
AIT Piccadilly Plaza is located on Mosley Street; the main entrance is opposite the Metro link stop on Mosley Street. From A34 Princess Street follow the signposts for Piccadilly onto A5103 Portland Street. When on Portland Street take your 2nd left onto Charlotte. When on Charlotte Street take the 3rd right onto Back George Street. Follow this road up to York Street and turn right. The nearest car park is NCP - Piccadilly Plaza which is located on York Street, further parking can also be found in the multi storey car park on Chorlton Street 5 minutes walk away.

By Rail/Underground
Manchester Piccadilly is within 10 minutes walking and the metro link can be caught at Piccadilly station to Mosley Street which stops outside the main entrance to AIT Piccadilly Exchange on Mosley Street. For more information about train times, please visit:

By Bus
Piccadilly Gardens bus station is just around the corner from AIT Piccadilly Exchange. From the Bus Station exit and follow the road round. The venue opposite the Metro Link stop on Mosley Street. For more information about bus times, please visit:

Can I bring my Children to the Hearing Centre?
Yes, but please remember that children should not be left unattended at any time. The hearing centre does not have anyone to look after children and our staff cannot supervise them or be held responsible for their safety. In most circumstances you cannot take children into the hearing room with you. They can stay in the waiting room as long as there is another adult with you to look after them.

Special requirements
If you have any special requirements that you have not already notified to the Tribunal, which need to be taken into account so that you can attend the hearing you should contact the office that notified you of your hearing as soon as possible to discuss these.

Other Information

Help and Advice
HM Courts & Tribunals Service Staff can advise you on Tribunal procedures and information about your hearing, but they cannot give you legal advice.

Accessibility and Facilities

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